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We are located in the most convenient private place just 7 min walk from Redfern or Green Square Stations, 5 min drive from Sydney CBD. We provide remedial massage, fully body oil massage, relaxation massage, nude massage, erotic massage, Double Services, Lesbian Double, Couple Services, Role Play, Dress Up, Group party, Escort Services with around 20 girls everyday, around 200 sexy gorgeous girls every week. With us, you will enjoy the most luxurious environment, highest quality massage services and most professional personality.

Our Luxurious Peaceful Private Studio:
Our studio is a most modern luxurious place with a relaxing peaceful atmosphere, like a 5-Star hotel. Whole day Air Conditioned. The high class stationary massage tables, luxurious beds ,sofas, furniture, massage oil are professionally manufactured. Each room is modern and spacious, and contains shower facility. Couple rooms also available. All clients will enjoy a relaxing private room with sensual lighting and very romantic classical music will accompany with you during massage service.

Our Professional Masseuses:
Everyday we have around 20 girls, around 200 girls a week, different 18-22yo cute, beautiful high class and professional Uni Girls, Office Ladies, models, international girls, Asian and Non-Asian girls from Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, India, Lebanon...... and Asian from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Thailand...... All our girls are strictly selected and trained, and new faces join our team all the time. They dress up as nurses, Uni-students, air hostess, maid, office lady wearing sexy uniforms with soft smiles on our faces to provide best professional massage services to you, release your stress after your tight work.

Our Massage Services:
All our girls are not only young sexy and pretty, but also have professional massage skill and professional personality to satisfy you. We focus to pamper you from head to toe with care, treating you just like "an emperor with the utmost enjoyment and care". We aim to provide dream place where there are only highest class dream girls massage for you.

Please come to visit our studio, enjoy the best professional, popular and 5 star hotel style massage experience!

Contact No:
0426 03 0130
0426 26 0130

Our WeChat ID: 
If you've added the previous WeChat, do not need to add this one. The previous WeChat and this new WeChat will post same information.

Business hour:
Open 7 days (never close)
10am to 4am

Tips: Frequently asked question: what's the best time to visit our shop? I only can generally to answer this question. Only if you can plan your time or your convenience, anytime start 10 am or earlier in the daytime everything is fresh. However, we have around 20 girls everyday, so anytime you are more convenient is also fine since we have enough girls to look after you.

Our Address

130 Botany Rd Alexandria NSW 2015

Important tips to help find us: 
* Near the Corner of Botany Rd and Buckland St

* 5 min drive from Sydney CBD.

* 5 min drive from Sydney Airport.

* 7 min walk from Redfern Station. 
After come out from the Redfern Station Gibbons St Exit, straight away cross the road. Turn Right, walk 20 meter and then turn Left to Redfern St, and then walk 30 meter to Regent St. (Do not cross the road). Straight away turn Right, and keep walk down Regent St for 4 min. Then will automatically connect to Botany Rd, walk another 3 min to our shop. See the direction map below.

* 7 min walk from Green Square Station.
There are very clear signs in Green Square Station to lead you to Botany Rd.

* If you drive, it's easy to find free parking anytime anywhere near the shop. Only on weekdays, from 3pm to 6pm, do not park on Botany Rd. Anywhere plenty of free parking.
Dream girls 130
Dream Girl Management Say:

At Dream Girl, even our receptionists are strictly selected and trained, have a strong sense of duty to assist with making sure your fantasies are fulfilled, and promise never upset you everytime you visit.

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